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Dreams: A Classic Rock Fantasy    |  October 23, 2015

The 1970s. A time for upheaval. A time for awareness . A time for dreams…
Return to the heady days of flowing scarves, tight pants and feathered hair with the First Lady of Rock, Stevie Nicks, in this unique tribute concert experience that brings to vivid life the music legend in all her billowing-sleeved, bohemian glory. Uncannily emulating Nicks’ throaty purr and lipsticked panache, artist Julie C. Myers delivers era-defining ballads and bluesy rock as only Stevie would.
In a never-before-seen concert experience, 70’s bad boys Mick Jagger (Johnny Moroko) and Rod Stewart (Martin D. Andrew) cross the pond to join Nicks in a fantasy come true: a return to the glory days of youth and possibility. In this altered state of reality, where Maggie May segues into Leather and Lace, where (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction thunders on the heels of Rhiannon, where legends duet on their most iconic songs – Dreams: A Classic Rock Fantasy delivers a musical performance like no other, and makes fans’ dreams come true.
A show within a dream, a Steampunk-esque illusion of suspended reality, the event creates an atmosphere in which the obligations of everyday life are deferred while fantasy takes hold and the audience becomes one with the dream.