SINGING WITH THE STARS FOR MENTAL HEALTH    |   Wednesday October 9, 2024 at 5:00pm

Singing With The Stars For Mental Health - October 9th at TCU Place

A local celebrity is paired with a singing star to entertain the audience with an inspired duet. As the six duos compete, the audience shows support for their favourites by purchasing votes on an app. This friendly competition results in a presentation to the winners. 

All funds raised at this event will benefit the city of Saskatoon and area residents as they will continue to access the Schizophrenia Society’s mental health resources and activities through our Saskatoon office.

Persons living with a mental health diagnosis will be able to take part in social, cultural, and recreational activities at no cost resulting in a sense of belonging to the community and reducing isolation. Families and loved ones of those living with a mental diagnosis would benefit from the support provided by their staff and the Family Recovery Journey Program.

The Partnership Program mental health anti-stigma message was delivered to schools, businesses, and the overall community 166 times to 4919 people last year. With the funds generated through this event, the Partnership Program will continue to deliver these important messages.