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Chris De Burgh    |  October 15, 2017


The A Better World Canadian Tour will stop in 16 Canadian cities starting in St. John’s and ending in
Calgary. Fans can expect to hear a selection of some of Chris de Burgh’s greatest hit songs from an
international career that spans over 30 years as well as some selections from his latest album, including
the single “Bethlehem”, which is a great reminder of what a great rocker he is at heart.
De Burgh has always had a very special relationship with Canada as he explains, “It was one of the first
countries that really embraced my music, and the atmosphere of playing there is just electrifying. My
music goes back a very long way there … the beautiful, wide open nation - and its wonderful people.”

In June 2016, De Burgh’s most iconic single "The Lady in Red," celebrated its 30th anniversary. A fan
favourite, to this day it remains one of the most played songs on the planet and reached the #1 position
in 47 countries. Out of his repertoire of more than 280 songs, De Burgh's other classic songs are staples
on the radio: "Don't Pay the Ferryman", "Spanish Train", "Patricia the Stripper", "High on Emotion" and
"A Spaceman Came Traveling" speak to a generation of music lovers, who have rewarded him with sales
of 50 million albums and sold-out performances worldwide.

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