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Masters Series 6 - Eroica   |   April 27, 2019 at 7:30PM

Eric Paetkau, Music Director
Sarah Yunji Moon, flute
Is it possible that the thumping opening chords of Beethoven’s third symphony changed the history of music?

Considered one of the greatest and most popular orchestral works ever written, Beethoven’s Eroica is a symphonic masterpiece and it’s steeped in myth. Did Beethoven really change its dedication? Did audiences really find its strange modulations and violent transitions unsettling?

We open the night with Beethoven’s Contradances for orchestra. You’ll hear the composer working through his early sketches of ideas for his third symphony.

The night features the SSO’s Principal Flute Sarah Yunji Moon in a thrilling concerto by audience favourite Christos Hatzis.  Departures requires a fearless flutist of the highest caliber–and its the perfect way for us to showcase her remarkable playing!

Single tickets on sale August 1st.

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